The Blood & Roses Saga the Prequel to the Paradox Wars
 BLOOD and ROSES SAGA is the story about two strong-willed women that are from different time periods. They travel through out time collecting pieces of the time-stone to restore balance to the time stream. These time “shards” are very powerful and other people decide that they want them for their own purposes. So not only do they travel in time to collect the shards but also must fight to keep them.
“The powerful Time-Stone has been shattered and its fragments spread throughout known time. Reacting quickly, the council of Time Lords, guardians of the stone, must find two brave souls to find the shattered fragments and save eternity from collapsing upon it self. These brave souls; Tamara Rose, a police officer from the year 2210, and Christiana Blood, a strong willed woman from 1293, the age of the Crusades.
Chosen by the High Lord Chronos, these two women must embark on the adventure of their lives as they hunt down each time shard and rebuild the Time-Stone, serving the role of the ultimate Time Agents.
These are their adventures….